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Dongguan Quanlin Electronics Co.,Ltd a private medium-sized enterprise, offers a wide range of wire harness,including electronic wire harness,home appliance wire harness,charge cable & battery cable,faston terminal wire harness,LVDS cable,Flat cable,USB&RCA&DC CABLE,and so on. With 10 years experience,ISO 9001:2008 & Bureau Veritas certificates, we have established long-term business relationship with the customers from all over the world. All our company production equipment is introduced from Taiwan. At present we own the following equipment: 6 sets of extrusion machines, 18 sets of injecting machine, 30 sets of terminal crimping machine, 10 sets of computer-based automatic wire cutting machine, 4 sets of automatic.......

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    How to select a wire to board connector

    After so many years of development, the wire to board connector industry has produced various types of connectors. In terms of industry, what are we going to do? We all know that connector is a kind of component that electronic engineering and technical personnel often contact....

    2020- 12- 11

    What are the advantages of a wire to board connector

    The wire to board connector has been used in the early stage. Now it has been developed quite mature, and the technology is not difficult. It pursues the stability of long-term use and is widely used in various electronic appliances;...

    2020 12- 11

    What are the market advantages of wire to board connectors

    It is estimated that in the future, the growth rate of China's connector market will continue to exceed the global average level. In the next five years, the average annual growth rate of China's connector market will reach 15%. By 2010, China's connector market capacity will reach 25.7 billion yuan....

    2020 12- 11

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