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Aging of electronic wiring harness is a common problem of wiring harness. It seems very necessary to study the causes of wiring harness aging and prevent it from aging. The root cause of wire harness aging is that the insulation is reduced and penetrated. What are the factors that harm wire aging? Let's learn about them.

1. Common faults of electronic harness connector:

The harness connector is the lack stage in the route, and the common faults of the harness connector caused by the staff's immediate fault often occur. In the whole process of the production and processing of the wire harness by the construction team, if the riveting pressure of the joint is too loose and the heating is not enough, the insulation of the harness head will be reduced, and then the safety accident will be caused.

2. Damage caused by external force:

Nowadays, many common faults of electronic wiring harness are caused by mechanical equipment damage. For example: when wiring harness installation and wiring is not standard engineering construction, it is very easy to cause damage to mechanical equipment; sometimes if the damage is not serious, it will take several months or even two years to cause the damage position to completely penetrate, resulting in common faults, and sometimes the damage is more serious, which is likely to produce short circuit fault common fault, and immediately endanger production safety.

3. Natural environment and temperature:

The pyrogen of the external natural environment in which the electronic wiring harness is located can also lead to high temperature of the cable, insulation penetration, and even explosion and fire.

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4. Chemical corrosion:

In the area with strong acid and alkali effect, the armored cable, tin drop or outer and outer protective layer of the electronic harness are usually eroded. The thickness of the protective layer is eroded by chemical corrosion or electrolytic method for a long time, resulting in ineffective protective layer thickness and reduced insulation, which also causes common faults of the harness.

5. Long term overload operation:

Overload operation, because of the thermoelectric effect of the current, the load current according to the wiring harness must cause the electric conductor to be hot, thus making the temperature of the electronic wiring harness rise. Long term overload operation, too high temperature will accelerate the aging of the insulation, resulting in insulation penetration. Especially in the hot summer, the common faults of wiring harness are especially many.

6. Insulation moisture regain:

This kind of situation is also very common. For example, if the electronic harness connector is not manufactured properly and is made in a wet and cold climate, water will seep into the connector or mix with water vapor. After a long time, water treeing technology will be generated under the effect of electrostatic field, which will slowly damage the insulation and compressive strength of the harness and cause common faults.