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Electronic wire harness is widely used in our daily life and work, from mechanical equipment to electronic accessories, no harness as a carrier can not work normally. So what are the specific application scope of electronic wiring harness? Let's take a look at it.

1、 Urban Rail Transit

In order to show a safe and efficient operation of the railway freight Internet, encountered many urgent challenges, such as the introduction of information technology into the rail industry, which must be very high network bandwidth transmission characteristics, easy to use for passenger information management system, video monitoring system program operation and network access to improve comfort. In addition, in the transportation, the Internet must run in a harsh environment, and the machinery and equipment must have unique characteristics and high width ratio ductility. Electronic wiring harness in the wet cold standard, in a variety of temperatures, can consider standardization, reliable, long transmission distance.

wire harness

2、 Medical machinery

All kinds of electronic wiring harness components are shown in the diagnosis and treatment equipment. This kind of commodity not only meets the requirements of data signal transmission and high-pressure touch, household appliances and mechanical equipment, but also shows reliable and stable quality for the unique use of customers. Among them, the vast majority of them use electronic computer tomography equipment, which can move auxiliary machinery and equipment, and improve the required solutions , medical electronic bed, can turn tables and chairs and disabled wheelchair control panel.

3、 Precise measuring and testing equipment

In precision measurement and detection technology, precision is higher than everything else. Reliable detection and decision-making results must have high-quality accurate measurement equipment and program flow, and stable reliable data signal connection to ensure the accuracy and high precision of accurate measurement data information. Electronic wiring harness components are used for airport weighing, shopping mall weighing, detection video monitoring system and other industries.