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Electronic wire harness is widely used in our daily life and work, from mechanical equipment to electronic accessories, no harness as a carrier can not work normally. The quality of the harness can be seen from the service life of the harness. Generally speaking, good wiring harness can be used until the equipment is scrapped. Of course, the premise is that the wiring harness is used correctly and can not be used illegally or overloaded.

The service life of electronic harness is related to the following aspects:

1. Poor quality of raw materials: the raw materials directly related to the quality of life of electronic wiring harness. Cable harness is the normal copper production, but not all manufacturers will abide by the rules by the wire processing industry. In order to reduce the cost and make more profits, some wire harness manufacturers can manufacture copper clad steel, galvanized iron or copper clad cable bundle, and use this kind of material quality to make wire harness Think and know, let alone life.

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2. Illegal use: different thickness of wire harness can bear different current. If the thin wire bundle is used under high current, it will generate heat because it can't bear too much current, which will cause the wire harness or equipment to burn down or even catch fire seriously. Therefore, in the use of electronic wiring harness, to see whether it can withstand the corresponding current.

3. Service environment: the service environment of wire harness is also a factor affecting the service life of electronic wiring harness. The spreader used outdoors is certainly not as long as that used indoors. For example, if the spreader used in outdoor advertising light box is exposed for a long time, rainwater will greatly shorten the service life of the spreader.