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The wire to board connector has been used in the early stage. Now it has been developed quite mature, and the technology is not difficult. It pursues the stability of long-term use and is widely used in various electronic appliances; With the rapid development of electronic product upgrading technology, the stability performance of line to board connector is paid more attention, so there is a saying in the industry that stability is the king.

1. It can realize the connection of local gold-plated secondary plate and increase the flexibility of design. In the past, the line-to-board connectors are relatively clumsy. Although they can complete the docking, they are not flexible enough. By compressing the contact points, the integrated wire to board connector improves the efficiency and area of the connection with the local gold-plated sub board, and enhances the flexibility. Therefore, it is widely used in the fine industries such as digital cameras, computers, tablets, mobile devices and GPS.

wire to board connector

2. High temperature thermoplastic is used to achieve greater accuracy. It is understood that there are many protruding points in the contact area of the integrated wire to board connector, which can avoid damage caused by accidental falling off, and further reduce the thickness of welding paste to achieve maximum accuracy.

3. The simple design makes the integrated wire to board connector more convenient to use. Line to board connector manufacturers point out that this product adopts a special automation design, which can realize the connection between the main printing and the secondary printing, and can also achieve a balanced state, with small wear, long service time and high refinement, so it is loved by mobile device manufacturers.

Line to board connectors bring convenience to life, reduce the difficulty for maintenance personnel, and accelerate the development of electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing industry. With the improvement of living standards, electronic products are updated faster and faster, just as mobile phones are basically updated every year, and various entertainment electronic products are countless. The demand for line to board connectors is also increasing of course, stability is still the standard to measure the quality of connectors.